What is the use of launching your idea concretely?

I launch my idea will teach you to ask yourself all the right questions to structure your idea. You will be able to understand the whole environment in which it is situated, to know concretely if it is viable (and not just interesting) with someone who tells you the truth and guides you to avoid false hopes. It is a tool that allows you to organise all the stages of work on the project without skipping any stage. With the results obtained, a solid market study, a first draft of your solution, your customer targets, etc., you will be able to apply to an incubator in complete serenity and find investors thanks to a clear speech, solid arguments and a financially and technically viable project.

Why Ilaunchmyidea.com rather than other support?

I launch my idea differs from the main support offers on several levels:

  • It is a structured course centred on the crucial question of the market validation of the project.
  • The support is defined in terms of time: 8, 12 or 16 hours spread over a period of 2 to 3 months.
  • The approach is based on a unique exploratory Strategic Marketing method that has been the subject of academic research (ISMA360®) and is the only one to integrate all innovation methods (Design Thinking, lean startup, Blue Ocean, Business Model Canvas, etc.)
  • The method is accessible via a collaborative platform that allows you to build your strategy step by step and in depth. No other platform of this type exists to date.
  • The power of the method is increased tenfold by the support provided by a certified expert consultant. The latter adapts to your challenges, your availability and your needs.

For all those who have an idea, whether it is vague or already well defined, or even advanced. This includes :

  • people undergoing professional
  • reconversion
  • job seekers
  • first-time entrepreneurs
  • entrepreneurs who have already started up
  • freelancers
  • researchers
  • students
  • employees

In short, anyone who is convinced that they have a great idea but still needs to structure their project and validate its potential!

At what stage of maturity of my project will the platform and support be most effective?

The approach is particularly effective when the project is in the construction and validation phase. In other words, the more question marks there are about its potential, the more useful the approach will be. We have identified 3 interesting phases:

  1. At the start, when the project is still very much at the idea stage. This will enable it to be built from the start in the right way and on solid foundations.
  2. In the launch phase, when you start to have a first version of an offer, a prototype, but you still need to consolidate the foundations: the users, the needs, the components of the offer, the partners and the business model… There are still many hypotheses to be validated and tangible proof obtained.
  3. In the pivotal or re-questioning phase of the positioning to facilitate deconstruction work based on what is already known in order to rebuild the strategy in a more relevant way. At this stage the approach will allow new opportunities to be seized!

The goal is to get you on the right track when you are still exploring. However, if you are already there, the approach will allow you to clear the way, to see more clearly in order to go faster and with more lucidity.

Do I really come out of this coaching with a very concrete action plan?

Yes ! Applying our approach to your project will allow you to make your project very concrete. Throughout the process and at the end, the expert consultant will help you to take action: to conduct interviews, to identify partners, to design your roadmap, to test your value proposition… The leitmotiv of the method is “Reality is the only certainty”, so we will help you to confront reality at every moment to consolidate your project and validate your hypotheses.

Launch your idea brings you lucidity and operationality! At the end of the coaching, you will have at your disposal the means to find financial or technical partners, to apply for a competition or to enter an incubator: Canva business model, the MVP action plan, a concrete pitch, etc. With your mentor, you will define with precision the actions to be implemented so that your project starts on the right track.

In addition, you will have unlimited access to your project on the platform, so you can come back to it whenever you want.

Is I launch my idea useful if I work in a large group?

Just as if you were in a start-up or launching a project on your own. Several large groups such as GE Health Care, Saint Gobain or Vinci have trusted us to evaluate the marketing of products or services. This has enabled them to refine their strategy or, on the contrary, to abandon an idea that had not found any real customers.

Who is it designed for?

For anyone who has an idea, whether it is vague or already well defined. This includes :

  • employees
  • people in retraining
  • people whose business does not seem to have taken off even after investing time and money
  • entrepreneurs
  • people who are starting their own business
  • students
  • all R&D centres, universities and valorisation centres

In short, anyone who is convinced that they have a great idea but is not sure where to start!

Where does the method used by I launch my idea come from?

The Vianeo method is now used by many incubators, universities and research institutes to support project leaders in all fields. In 2005, it was the subject of a thesis defended at the Skema Business School. It was then adapted to be accessible to all via the Ilaunchmyidea.com

What is the difference with Vianeo?

I launch my idea is a Vianeo offer specifically dedicated to project leaders. Vianeo’s main activity is to provide innovative and exploratory project management solutions to structures that support project leaders. With its Business Design method at the heart of its solutions (certification and platform), Vianeo’s clients include incubators (Quest For Change (ex SEMIA), Incubateur Descartes, Le Bivouac . ), research centres (CEA, INRAE, Paris Saclay University…), schools (AgroParisTech, UTC Compiègne, Neoma…) and also large groups (Technip Energies, Saint Gobain, Schneider Electric…).

What is the difference with an incubator?

An incubator is a step towards the world of business. I launch my idea is the boost you need to reach this stage. In less graphic terms, you don’t enter an incubator with just an idea: you need to have thought through all the strengths, needs and weaknesses of your project, have defined a business model and be sure that a market (and not just demand) exists. A deep analysis of the potential of your project is an essential card in your hand in front of other people who want to enter the same incubator. I launch my idea allows you to do all this, and to avoid competing blindly.

Does the programme fit my project?

Always! What makes one project more successful than another similar one is dif-fe-ren-cia-tion. 100 people could take your concept and create 100 different projects, so applying one method without customising it is not going to get us very far. So the programme adapts to your project, but more importantly it adapts to your vision of the project and your means to carry it out.


What offers exist?

Access to the first two stages of the platform is free and you can explore it on your own.

To dig deeper and go to the end of your reflection and your Business Model, there is nothing like being accompanied.

Depending on your needs and the maturity of your project, we offer either group or individual support.

  • In group, you will benefit from 12 hours of support from a consultant, spread over 2 hours per week for 6 weeks.
  • For individuals, there are packages of 8 hours, 12 hours or 16 hours, the details of which you can find here. In general, these packages correspond to 4, 6 and 8 weeks of support but we adapt to your pace: you can decide on the dates with your coach.

Please note that the platform remains accessible at all times so that you can work on it when your availability allows, and remains so even after the end of your support.

How much do the different offers cost?

Access to the first two steps of the platform is free and without obligation.

Then, it is :

  • In group 400€ HT for 12 hours
  • Individually, 1400€ HT for 8 hours of support, 2000€ HT for 12 hours and 2600€ HT for 16 hours.

But it can cost you 0€ thanks to your CPF: check your available credits here your available credits !

How can I subscribe to an offer?

To register, fill in this form : it will allow you to contact us so that we can understand your needs, guide you between the different offers and choose the expert that best suits you.

Is there a face-to-face format?

By default, the coaching is done online, but you can also arrange a face-to-face meeting with your expert if he/she is located in your area! You can access the platform whenever you want from any computer.

How do I choose the right offer for me?

To be sure to choose the offer that suits you, you can contact us through this form, we will be able to guide you in your choice, between a collective or individual coaching.

If you are unsure, you should know that the 3 packages complement each other: the 12-hour training course, for example, is based on the 8-hour course with additional elements. You can therefore always ask to extend your package along the way.

Do I have to subscribe to a package for each project?

It depends on the case: if your projects are fundamentally different, you will have to create two projects and therefore be accompanied on each of them. However, the objective of some project leaders was to find a way to combine two ideas into one project and they found a possible solution with their Vianeo consultant.


How can I finance my coaching?

I launch my idea is eligible for CPF: find all the links to our courses on this page.

I need to find funding to launch my project, can I launch my idea help me with this?

Of course you can! Ilaunchmyidea.com helps you prepare a solid and viable dossier to send to your investors, clients and incubators.

What support is available to auto-entrepreneurs? Employees? Company managers?

As far as training is concerned, there are many financial aids available: CPF, OPCO, etc.
You can find them all in this short article written by our team.

Why is it worth investing time and money in I launch my idea?

I launch my idea is above all a way of saving time and therefore money. It will prevent you from throwing yourself blindly into a project that may not be viable, or that needs to be reoriented. The expert consultants, trained in the Vianeo Nusiness Design method, are there to put you on the right track from the beginning and throughout the consolidation of your project. Well accompanied, you complete in a few weeks what you would do in several months of work if you were alone. With the consultant’s benevolent eye, you will then use your resources wisely to find investors and partners quickly.

How do I activate my CPF?

To use your CPF you will need to create your account on https://www.moncompteformation.gouv.fr/ if you have not already done so. All you have to do is select the training course of your choice and follow the various validation steps. Our administrative department is there to help you if necessary.


In concrete terms, how does coaching work?

You progress at your own speed! Most of the time, the sessions with the I launch my idea expert last one hour and you leave at the end of each session with an action plan for the next session. Expect an average of 7 to 10 days between sessions, but this is only an average, and it’s up to you to decide your own speed!

I would like to work alone with the platform, is this possible?

You have unlimited access to the platform, so it’s whenever you want! But just as you learn best from a good cook, we strongly advise you to rely on the expert I launch my idea. You will do a better job and save time. As in cooking, it is often the sum of small things that sometimes makes a big difference between a successful dish and a failed one.

What will I get out of my coaching?

The I launch my idea coaching reduces the uncertainty linked to your project and allows you to formalise your project. Is this project really meant for you? How can you ensure that you are going in the right direction? What do you need to do first to get started? What will you sell and to whom specifically? At the end of a complete coaching session, you will have a file that will answer the key questions that incubators, financiers or partners will ask you, for example.

Who are the experts of I launch my idea?

The I launch my idea experts are very diverse and they have a few things in common: they are all certified in the I launch my idea method. They all have a lot of experience in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation and are all passionate about the coaching business. Finally, they are part of a very rich and diversified network and will be delighted to help you benefit from it!

Can I choose the expert who will assist me?

Yes, but we are also “match makers” and we are committed to putting you in touch with the expert who we feel is best able to assist you. Let us guide you!

Is coaching really necessary?

Here are 4 reasons why an Expert will help you greatly:
DEPTH of analysis: the expert allows you to bounce back and broaden your thinking when you run out of ideas on the examination/analysis of your idea, to find new avenues of exploration, to consolidate the potential of the project.
PERSEVERANCE: the external view confronts us with our weaknesses, our biases, and we naturally tend to avoid this necessary exercise in truth. The expert is there to “force” us to face this truth about our project, which can sometimes be disturbing.
EFFECTIVENESS: this teammate forces us to respect a rhythm of regular meetings to make progress on the analysis and to set a limit to the outcome of this exercise. It also allows us to be more efficient and to progress at a good pace.
PRECISION-ACCURACY: sometimes we try to convince ourselves or to be approximate; to avoid “trash-in, trash-out” (bad input data gives bad output), the expert challenges us and helps us to be more relevant in the exploration, analysis and validation of strategic data.

What is a Vianeo certified expert?

The Vianeo certification can be obtained by consultants, valorisation officers, R&D managers and many other people within companies and research centres who are responsible for the market development of a product or service.
The people in charge of accompanying you are always consultants that we have chosen for their expertise in accompanying and advising. In addition to their academic and professional training, they have obtained the Vianeo Expert Certification after a training, the support of 3 projects and a validation by a jury.
More information about our certification on Vianeo

I am interested in Vianeo certification, who should I contact?

I invite you to inquire and send us a message on this page, we will contact you very soon to give you more information that can lead to a training if you wish.

Is the consultant only there to apply the Vianeo method to my project?

No. The Vianeo method and the platform are tools that allow you to frame your reflection but according to your progress, your expectations and your project, the consultant can choose to focus his support on a particular point and bring you additional tools and methods. He will always adapt to you and your idea, with listening and understanding!

My project is very technical/specific, how do I know if my consultant is qualified to support and understand me?

The strength of our approach lies in our ability to make you “give birth” to your knowledge. You are the expert. Our consultants can support all types of projects and this is precisely their interest and strength. We deliberately do not propose consultants who are experts in your field (he/she may be) because this way they can challenge you and push you to go deeper. Moreover, they each have a vast network and will not hesitate to connect you to expand yours!

Is there an unaccompanied formula?

The first two steps of the Vianeo method as well as the pitch canvas and the Business Model canvas are accessible free of charge and without coaching. The rest of the steps of the method are not accessible alone because you would get lost and you would miss the power of the methodology to which a coach can really give you access.

How long does it take me?

It all depends on your needs and the time you devote to it. We recommend a support period spread over 1 to 2 months with three support formulas: 8 hours, 12 hours and 16 hours of individual coaching. Between sessions you will have to go deeper into the steps, conduct interviews… It is up to you to see with your consultant at the beginning, which rhythm suits you best.

What if, at the end of the coaching, I realise that my project is not worth launching?

Well done! You will have saved a lot of time (and money) and at least you will have gone to the end of the exercise to make the decision not to launch your project in all serenity! But we are convinced that you will find another one quickly!

Which method is integrated in the Ilaunchmyidea.com platform?

The Vianeo Business Design method is a systemic strategic marketing approach, originating from the academic world, composed of 5 steps that allow the validation of the project’s proof of value:
Value 1 – Legitimacy : What is the DNA and the reality of the project?
Value 2 – Desirability : Who are the people expressing needs that are not met by current solutions?
Value 3 – Acceptability : How is the existing ecosystem organised? Which clients, which potential partners? Which competitors?
Value 4 – Feasibility : Quelle offre innovante pour résoudre les problèmes des utilisateurs ? Avec quels partenaires ?
Value 5 – Viability : Who are the customers? What are the products/services? What is the value proposition?

This method allows you to apply all the other methods commonly used in entrepreneurship to your project: Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Business Model Canvas, Blue Ocean, while making the link between them.

It has been applied to more than 3000 projects and is a reference in the world of entrepreneurship and innovation. It is used by many innovation actors (research centres, incubators, etc.). You can find more details on the Vianeo method here.


If I start the course but do not finish it, what happens to my project?

Your project will remain accessible without time limitation. You can come back to it if you wish when you feel ready to continue your reflection.

Who has access to my project?

Apart from the co-editors that you yourself have defined, only your consultant (if you have one) and the I launch my idea administrators (for technical reasons) will have access to your project.
You will find more information on the security of your data and your project here.

Can I share access to my project with others?

Yes, with all the people you invite. Depending on the rights you give them, they can edit the project with you or simply view it.

Will I still have access to my data and reports after finishing the whole course?

Of course you can ! You can come back and modify your project as it develops. If you want to be able to consult your reports or print them, they will also be downloadable. Your access to the project is unlimited in time.

Other questions ?

If I have more questions, who can I ask to?

Talk to us in person by making an appointment!